A list of common FAQs. Call today for a free quote.


Q. What is pressure washing?

A. Pressure washing, also known as power washing is the application of high pressure water spray for cleaning purposes. Specially designed pumps spray water at 100 times the strength of a garden hose.

Q. What chemicals are used during pressure washing?

A. Very strong commercial grade alkaline degreasers and graffiti removers are typically used as needed. They are bio degradable and environmentally friendly.

Q. Is Elite Pressure Washing licensed and insured?

Rest assured, we are both licensed and insured.

Q. Why should I hire Elite Pressure Washing?

A. Not all pressure washing companies are the same. Elite Pressure Washing prides itself in excellent customer service and the ability to provide an end product which sets us apart from others. This is accomplished through technicians that are skilled, well trained and professional.

Q. Will pressure washing remove all stains on my driveway?

A. Unfortunately not all stains can be removed. Depending on the surface being clean along with several other factors, most stains can be removed, and the stubborn at least look much better after a pressure washing application.

Q. What forms of payment do we accept?

A. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards

Q. Is my project too small or too big?

A. Elite Pressure Washing works with clients of all sizes. Ranging large five star hotels, to small driveways at individual residences. No job too small or too big.